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The Princess of Corona and Dunbroch

Sep. 3rd, 2012 | 06:16 pm

This is linked to a picture of mine on DeviantArt. If you're just browsing here, basically, this is the character development I made for a daughter of Merida from Brave and Rapunzel from Tangled.

She is not the product of one of those girls and a male. She is 100% theirs. The plot line has a LOT of loop holes, but basically, Merida and Rapunzel get married and the Witch (from Brave) shows up. Merida is suspicious of her, but the Witch is only there to give Merida a present. Merida has no idea what it is, and the Witch didn't explain it, but she turned her back and she was gone. Merida and Rapunzel continue on as usual.

They get intimate with each other... and then Merida gets pregnant. (We thought, while Rapunzel will more than likely be the 'mother' in this situation, with her own mother's (the Queen's) past history, the quote 'when someone comes out of your vagina and stomps on your dreams, then you'll understand,' and just the whole mother/daughter aspect of Brave, we thought it better for Merida to carry the child... whyisthisevenbeingconcidered?). So fast forward, and they end up having a beautiful baby girl. :)

She refers to Merida as Mum and Punzie as Mom, which, while confusing, tells them apart. She is more artistic than athletic, and I think she takes after Rapunzel a bit more than Merida (which Merida doesn't understand which makes Elinor happy ;D ). I think her accent would be primarily Rapunzel's (American, I guess??) but I think she'd say a few things in Scottish or have a slight overtone of Scottish (I don't really know how kids with two different accented parents work, but if you are in that situation, I'd be interested to chat about it :3 )

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Ursula/ Ariel/ Eris

Jan. 20th, 2010 | 06:32 pm

A little hint to understanding this pairing- I ship the Broadway show version of Ursula and Ariel... sooo it might get kind of crazy at some points... just saying.

So, Ariel has fallen for Ursual, the sea witch who can see her- can really understand her, but her father is furious. She doens't know wheter it's because she's a sea witch, or his sister, or if it's because she's well, she. She has mixed emotions about this situation, but she can't help but be in love. Even Ursula has feelings for her neice. But when Ariel becomes a human, she find another girl, Vanessa, and she falls for her charms almost as quickly as she did for Ursula. But it kills Ariel inside that she is slowly drifting from Ursula just because she has legs. As the feelings build up, she only feels more like she is betraying her father. She cries for everything she's done and been through. One night, Ariel sat by her window, and while watching Vanessa, she forgot all about her problems. She was entrancing in a way- but she is snapped back into reality as she remembers what got her here in the first place- love. But, it was all about her... Ariel had fallen under Vanessa's spell, and the brunette knew that she was winning her over, both under the sea and on the shore... Ariel let her feelings for the girl show through, but she couldn't forget Ursula... She had actually started to feel bad about being human- every thing was changing, and she just wanted to rest with her aunt- she would make everything better again, like she did before... But when she goes to see Vanessa and tell her about her true feelings, she finds out that Vanessa is Ursula. She gets mad, and they get into a fight. And then the words are brought up- "'You said you would never leave me, I believe you- I beleive'" And Ariel realises all of her feelings have always been for Ursula- she loved her. But every thing goes wrong- and Eric kills her before Ariel's eyes. She becomes furious with him and goes back to the sea- the furthest away from him she could be. She missed her so much... she had to go back to where it started... so she did- back to Ursula's lair in hope that she might find a way to leave her behind... (All Around Me)

Once she leaves Atlantica and arrives at the frightning place, she remembers what happened there, and it only starts to make her miss Ursula more. But little does she know she has caught the eye of the godess of chaos... As she is crying over her loss, Eris appears, and convinces the princess to come with her. Ariel agrees and as they flirt, it is revealed that Eris was the one who caused Ursula's death- the one who possesed Eric to kill the sea witch. Ariel gets angry, but Eris frightens her and Ariel is forced to stay with Eris... But to secure her spot as Ariel's new love (or more Ariel as Eris's new 'pet'), Eris sends her sea monster after the one she hated most, right? Eric. Ariel immediatley panics- she still loves Eric, not matter how mad she was at him- and she goes to save him. But she can't stay with him- not now, or Eris would surely kill them both. So she returns to the sea, both her and Eric mad at themselves, longing for each other, and Eris admiring the 'glorious chaos.' Eris then plays with Ariel- physically and mentally- silencing her for fun- making he think of how her and Eric were ripped apart... Ariel was starting to feel hopless- trapped and she wanted Ursula back, but that could never happen... Then something cougth Ariel's eye- was it- it was the magic shell that belonged to Ursula- Her father had once told her that it was Ursula's life force- that she would die without it. Could it maybe be the key to her return as well? As she reached for it, Eris appeared and created an earthquake- the magic shell shattering as it made impact with the ground. All hopes of getting Ursula back were now gone. Feelings started stirring inside Ariel, and as Eris taunted her, a thought of Ursula gave her courage to stand up for herself- It finally burst and Ariel could no longer hold it back- she was headstrong and couragous and she couldn't help but stand up for herself- but Eris couldn't have this and she immediatley became furious at the young princess. Realising what she had done, Ariel tries to hide, but Eris's wrath is too great- she is after all the godess of chaos. It was too late to save her, and King Triton could only mourn over Ariel's body- A fragment of Ursula's shell fell from her gentle hand and all the King could do was blame himself for letting all of this happen...

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Malificent/ Aurora/ Evil Queen

Jan. 20th, 2010 | 06:30 pm

Backstory... Malificent loves Aurora's mother, Aurora's mother loves Malificent. Of course, she's a princess and must marry a prince. Malificent sees this as betrayal and gets hurt which is the way she is... However, they both still love each other. Now, she has a daughter, and Malificent sees so much of her mother in her. Longing for the Queen (from SB, not SW), she goes after Aurora, and the young princess quickly falls in love. However, Malificent is not in this for the same love that has taken Aurora. When Aurora comes to see Malificent, she finds her and her own mother sharing a moment of pure love. She gets upset and cries alone. Malificent, her own head swimming with thoughts, transforms. Phillip has no idea and attakcs the beast, apparently winning the battle. He goes to share his good news with his princess, but Aurora knew about the dragon. She rejects him as he has killed her lover. Thoughs continue to overwhelm Aurora, and she decides, as much as she loves her mother and misses Malificent, to leave the kingdom. So she runs... Her mother watching helplessly as her daughter leaves because of her mistake... (All Around Me)

Aurora stops in a forest to rest after her long journey from home, however she doesn't notice the danger lurking behind her. A huntsman sneaks up behind her, ready to kill, when he is stopped by his Queen (now this is the one from SW). She scolds him and offers the princess a place at her own palace. Aurora knows this woman has just saved her life, and starts to fall for her. After spending a while in the new kingdom, she starts to make friends with a girl about her own age, the princess Snow White. They develop a close bond (not shown), but it is only then when Aurora walks in on the Evil Queen that she finds out that the Queen wants her dead. Aurora has no idea what to do, but she only knows that this is wrong. Her feelings for the Queen suffer, but the Queen refuses to let Aurora go. Snow White dies in front of the princess so the Evil Queen can establish her power. Aurora, terrified, runs to her room and cries for Snow White, the mother she left behind, for Malificent. But, Malificent's crow has finally found the princess and alerts it's master of the situation (let me take a moment to plug into the woods-"you can talk to birds?"). Anyway-- While mourning her losses, Aurora sees the green light- Malificent. She follows it, hoping it might be a way to escape this hell she's living in. The Evil Queen knows Malificent. She knows she's trying to rescue the princess, and trys to get to Aurora before Malificent steals her. Scared, but ready to trust Malificent with her life, Aurora pricks her finger on the prophocised spinning wheel, sending her into a deep sleep. The Queen enters the room to find Malificent had won, and with a cry of victory, Malifienct leaves before the queen can do anything to stop her. Aurora is placed in the Queen's castle to sleep while the Evil Queen tries to find a way to wake her. Malificent, however, knows she must be awaken by true love's kiss (okay, technically it's love's first, but that isn't possible considering the circumstances... sooo...) and sends Prince Phillip to wake her. It works and it's 2 Malificent, 0 Evil Queen. But there's only one way for Malificent to finnish showing her own power- She transforms into a dragon once more (much more powerful than an old hag, might I add) and destroys the Evil Queen once an for all. She returns Aurora to her home kingdom and reunites her with her mother. With Aurora safe and with her mother, Malificent's own true love, Malificent must leave the kingdom. Both mother and daughter watch with a heavy heart as she leaves, for they will both miss Malificent. A smile tugs at Aurora's lips, and she it happy and safe once again, thanks to her. (Cheesey ending, I know, but the next one will definatley make up for that...)

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For Lookattheview90

Jan. 20th, 2010 | 06:28 pm

So, basically, I ran out of time. The sunday before it was due, I started it. I would go to school, come home at 4, then work on it until 11 or 10:30 each night pretty much only stopping to go to the bathroom (but you don't need to know that. o-0). That's basically the reason Ariel's Flyleaf part is so blah... Um, so then after the deadline was extended, I still worked on it for about three hours each night, and then I was about 5 seconds from finnishing it. I was thrillified to be so close, when I zoned out in chior it was the first thing that popped to mind... but wait... what were the rules I read the night before...? Oh yeah. I baiscally was in such a hurry to get the video finnished, I forgot the fact that it was a crossover contest (I know, right? Long story short, I'm blonde and was very stressed...) So since it was only thursday, I decided to extend the video, since I didn't have the heart to simply start a new one. The only song I could think of was Monster since I had just watched a few videos with it, so I basically just edited it for my video making needs and was on my way with the second half, whose pairings I came up with at lunch that day (Eirs/Ariel i could not have come up with if not for my sister Elphaba08457332233) the story line only comming together as I found different clips to use (it's been a hell of a week!). It has taken all of my will power to finnish this video in this short of an ammount of time, and I basically traded crazy effects for a good story line and making sure every clip was on time with the music, so if you'd forgive me for turning in a mediocre video, I think that this was worth the effort... Granted, in a compitition, that's never good, but I more so just wanted to finnish this race even if I was last... :)


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Writer's Block: Celebrity Sightings

Mar. 23rd, 2008 | 05:38 pm

If one day you meet your favorite super star, what questions you would like to do to him/her?
I've met quite a few stars (Broadway stars, so you probably don't know them, but a few of them have been in movies or on TV) and I've always been too... excited, I guess (not in a perverted way) to ask them any questions, but I would ask them too many if I could remember any questions I have :P  lol. Most of the time, the only question I have is "can I shake your hand and give you a hug?"  lol.

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(no subject)

Jun. 13th, 2007 | 10:31 pm
location: blah blablah blah!
mood: creative creative
music: number 273; "A Bender Among Us."

I LOVE MY NEW USERPIC!!! I made it when I was bored!

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Please watch my video

May. 20th, 2007 | 02:15 pm
location: Home, sigh. I wanna go to the New York!!! :(
mood: bored bored
music: the Ice cream truck


please post comments and watch the remix!!!!!! It's better than my sisters.

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(no subject)

Mar. 15th, 2007 | 07:31 pm
location: ... were you talking to me?
mood: too many ISATs too many ISATs
music: Which way is the party- SF previews

oh shoot. my last post didnt come out. It took me like an hour to write it!

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(no subject)

Mar. 11th, 2007 | 11:58 am
location: where do you think?
mood: sad sad
music: my white night- Kristin

I met Kristin Chenoweth in New York! I'm happy. Her sharpie got like this close to touching my nose _________ (after my mom told her that this was my dream, Kristin pointed her sharpie at me and said "Don't start with the tears, because i will start too.").  Stage-dooring is the world's greatest invention J. It feels great to be “complemented” by your hero. I was wearing my popular shirt and Kristin said “I like your shirt” and I couldn’t do anything but smile. We got a poster for her to sign, and she said “What’s your name,” *SQUEE!* and I said “ _ _ _ _” “How do you spell that?” my name is unusual, there are only 2 people I know that have this name, and I’m one of them but it’s pretty easy to spell, [although Martin Ball says I spell it wrong! LOL ] then after she wrote my name she put *heart* Kristin Chenoweth, then after a few seconds she wrote “to” above my name. OH! OH! And before she signed the poster, we got her dog a sweater, and so we gave her the bag and she said “you got a present for Maddie,” (I don’t know how to spell her dog’s name so…) “what is it? *pulls sweater out of bag* *gasp* Stop it! *holds sweater up to Maddie* It’s perfect.” Maddie is the most adorable little dog! She is so small! Now I have to say that on the bag I wrote a novel, LOL. I used up both sides of the bag and parts of the bottom with explanations of the contents and to and from, and when Kristin left she promised that she would read it in the car. Oh, and when she drove off it was so cool, because we stayed until she did go, getting situated, butting things on the wheel chair and stuff, but she waved to us when she was driving away, then Maddie was looking at us then she looked at Kristin and Kristin started kissing her. IT WAS SO F****N’ CUTE! Then we came back the next night… the first thing she did was point out my Apple Tree shirt and my sister’s Wicked sweatshirt, then it took her about 19 seconds to realize that it was us, she said “Hey guys… you’re back again.” Then we asked her if she read the bag, she tilted her head and responded “You guys, so sweet.” Then after we saw Kristin we went to the Gershwin stage door just in time to catch Kendra Kassebaum. She was so nice. The coolest thing was that I didn’t feel anything, well I mean I was happy, but she just seemed like a normal person for that one minute. Sad thing is, like any normal person… she didn’t have a pen. My sister said to her “do you have a pen?” and Kendra said “I don’t have a pen, do you have a pen?” Then some person said “I have a pen” so I got to get her autograph… to bad I can’t read it [ no offense].  It was so cool. Luckily for Kristin I didn’t cry ‘till we were going home. I was crying on the air plane and it didn’t help that “for good” was playing in my head. Oh, and I will probably cry tonight because it is her last night and I don’t know if I will ever meet her again. Kristin Chenoweth is an amazing person, she is beautiful, she is a great singer and actress, she is a great pet owner, and she is so nice. I think she disserves every bit of fame she got.

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(no subject)

Feb. 6th, 2007 | 04:07 pm
location: Shiz university, oz
mood: bored bored
music: This new guy is singing this song aout dancing = )

I'm looking out the window and tiny clumps of snow are slowly drifting thorugh the sky. I wich they would stop drifting and freaking blizzard DARN IT! I want to be able to stay home tomorrow so i can think up a story to write on my journal so that y'all can see what i write like = ) I will probably post somthing on my journal about my "High School Peanuts" mini story thing. I probalbly sound so stupid and crap " 'High School Peanuts'- what the ell? Mini story *snortlaugh* Shouldnt she start a comunity for that intead of posting it on her journal, idiot" well i am alot smarter than you think... ok, mabey not. But trust me- High School Peanuts is alot better that it sounds- trust me. *coughNoIt'sNotcough* But im still a beginner writer and author i second on my carrer list- i want to be an actress- i wanna play glinda = ) so dont critisise me all... that... much............... yeah.

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